Best Natural Psoriasis Home Treatment

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The 3 steps in text. – Repost from website

Eat healthy

To manage psoriasis, the diet plays a role. There are a few foods that needs to be avoided. You must stop eating:
• Red Meat
• Fatty Snacks
These two are the majority for the flare-ups on your psoriasis skin areas.
The foods that help your body recover naturally without cream or shampoo, is:
• Cold water fish
• Seeds
• Nuts
• Omega-3 fatty acids
All these four are known for the ability to reduce inflammation.
The last tip here will be the Olive oil trick. Try to apply the oil on the topically skin, and see if it smooths your skin.

Warm Baths

This trick was my favorite, only because it helped me get rid of the itchiest psoriasis periods. Other than that, it was a nice treatment for the disease.


Make a lukewarm bath ready for yourself, then add a little Epsom salt, mineral oil, milk or olive oil to the bath. This might seem odd at the beginning, believe me, I thought it was so weird the first time I did it…

… But it helped me to smoothen the itching and infiltrate scales on my body. For a little extra you could try to moisturize the areas immediately after the bath to increase to benefits from it.

Avoid Alcohol

At last there is my hardest treatment, that I sometimes had a hard time to avoid to be honest. There are a few ways to avoid it, but as this isn’t an “how to avoid drinking blog” I will not get further into that…

… Alcohol is the trigger for a lot of people with psoriasis. Even a study, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, shows that women who drank non-light beer had an increased risk of psoriasis symptoms. They found out that the women who drank at least five non-light beers per week almost doubled their chances of developing psoriasis, when they were compared to women who didn’t.


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